Visiting La-Z-Boy should feel like a different shopping experience. Unlike big box stores, there is more available at our Furniture Galleries than what you can see in our showroom because you can custom order furniture to fit your personal preferences, style and budget. Here are the customization options available.

Custom Order Cosmetic Options

Visit the La-Z-Boy website or your local La-Z-Boy furniture gallery to work with a Design Consultant to achieve the style you’re looking for within your custom order.


      • La-Z-Boy Arc Handle – Replacing the standard La-Z-Boy wooden recliner handle (also known as a “Comfort Selector”) is the most common upgrade option. Choose from a brushed nickel or matte black finish to modernize the look of a classic recliner at a low cost.

      • Customize the cover colour, texture and pattern – There is a huge range of available colours and patterns available that can transform the style of any chair. Every La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery in Greater Vancouver has a Design Center you can visit to see your options.

      • Top Grain Leather – There are various types of leather available, from fabricated to genuine leather, to help meet your budget and increase the durability of your chair.

      • Cording, welting and nailhead trim – Add or remove detail like accent cording or contrast welting. Nailhead trim adds a dramatic effect and is available in brass, black, and platinum

      • Wood Leg Finish– Choose from Mahogany, Coffee, Driftwood or Graphite finish to compliment your flooring

    Left Handed Options

    A majority of our options can be customized for left-handers, like the Comfort Selector and Powered Control Panels which can be placed on the left side of recliners at your request.

    Tall and Short Options

    Fit directly affects comfort. Some options can be added to slightly adjust the height of recliners to improve the fit, which drastically helps people who are tall and short.


        • Tall Base – Add an extra 1.5 inches to the overall height of a recliner

        • Elongated Comfort Selector – Add an extra 2 inches to the handle to make it easier to reach and pull back

        • Powered Recliner – Control your chair with the push of a button by adding motor components to recline the back and lift the leg-rests.

      To learn more about powered chairs, you can read the Full Powered Chair Guide HERE.

      Functional, Comfortable, and Convenient

      Powered chair options can be a great upgrade, but even that can be upgraded with a wireless remote control. However, some people don’t like the idea of misplacing their remote. Consider the Hand Wand, which is a wired remote control that is available on most sofa and chair models.


          • 360-Degree Swivel Base – For chairs placed in rooms with multiple focal points.

          • Glide Base – An upgrade on the classic Rocking Chair available on select chairs. The motion of this modern rocker has a smooth forward/backward motion, compared to rocking on a fixed pivot.

          • Wireless Remote – Have better control of your chair by seeing the buttons. Especially beneficial for Powered Recliners with Headrest and Lumbar Support controls.

          • Hand Wand – If you don’t like the idea of misplacing your remote, consider a wired option that is available on most models.

          • Power Pack – A solution for Powered Recliners and Motion Sofas that are located where a power outlet isn’t near. The battery can be recharged once a month (depending on the usage amount).

        Custom Order Cushion Upgrades

        Seat cushions are a common upgrade that enhances your chair’s comfort and durability. Investing in a cushion upgrade also helps retain its shape compared to traditional memory foams. To see and feel the difference, ask a Design Consultant to try it the next time you visit your local Furniture Gallery.


            • La-Z-Boy TEMPUR-Response Memory Foam – Adapts to your body, relieving pressure while supporting you. Engineered with different layers and specialized zones of high quality foam to improve the comfort of the seat of your recliner or stationary sofa.

          It goes without saying, when you consider all of the options mentioned above, there are thousands of combinations possible. So, when you see a price tag that surprises you on the Gallery Floor, you’re looking at the price of that specific combination of leather, powered upgrades and cushions. But maybe this doesn’t match your personal style and budget. Don’t hesitate to speak to a La-Z-Boy Design Consultant to discuss what you like about a particular chair and we can discuss possible modifications to fit your needs within your custom order.

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