You’ve decided to invest in a La-Z-Boy Powered Chair. You visited a Furniture Gallery and found a recliner (or sofa) you like. It matches your style, and it fits your body shape perfectly. Nice! Now you’re interested in upgrading it to a Powered Recliner so that you can control everything at the push of a button.

But you want to choose the version that is right for you, so you want to learn more. But there’s too much for a Design Consultant to tell you in-person during a discussion. So, let’s take our time to look into the 3 different types of standard power recliners and the available accessories.

How and where are La-Z-Boy Powered Recliners made?

To begin, the heart of La-Z-Boy Powered Chairs is the motor that moves them. The components of each motor are sourced overseas, then shipped to Dayton, Tennessee to be built at a La-Z-Boy factory. Our Powered Recliners have a dedicated motor for each moving part of the chair. For example, a recliner with a powered leg rest, reclining back and head rest has three motors. Dedicated motors allow you to control each part independently and into any combination of positions and angles.

We manufacture the majority of our chairs by hand in the United States. La-Z-Boy invented the recliner over 90 years ago and we continue to be on the forefront of innovation in the furniture industry. This means that authentic La-Z-Boy recliners possess 7 patented features designed for comfort and durability that can be imitated, but not duplicated.

The La-Z-Boy Powered Recliner Standard (P-Series)

Most of our powered recliners and sofas come with a four-button control panel mounted to the side. This double motor setup uses the top two buttons to recline the chair’s back, and the bottom two buttons to control the leg rest. Since each motor independently controls either part, you can lift your legs without reclining backwards (or vice versa). There is also a convenient USB port built-in which you can use to charge a phone or tablet.

Power Plus with Headrest

The most popular upgrade for a La-Z-Boy Powered Chair is the addition of Power Plus with Headrest. This upgrade adds a third motor that lifts your headrest forward, which is great for watching TV while reclined, and so much better than putting a pillow behind your head.

The buttons on the control panel are replaced with toggles for simplicity. Push the toggle forward to lift your leg rest up, and push it back to lower your legs. This upgrade adds a “HOME” button, which returns the entire chair back to a seated position with a single press. It also adds two memory buttons, which saves your two favourite positions. Or, you can share a memory button with a loved one.

Power Plus Headrest & Lumbar Support

Do you get lower back pain? The La-Z-Boy Powered Chair can have a fourth toggle (and fourth motor) added for Lumbar support. This can be a crucial feature for someone with a sensitive back, who always places cushions behind them for comfort and support. Those with back issues can immediately feel how much of a daily difference this can make.

Powered Upgrade Options

Finally, there are several exciting upgrades available for powered chairs. For example, a wireless battery pack is useful for chairs that are placed out of reach of a power outlet. A single charge lasts about a month depending on the amount of use. Also, a wireless remote can be added, which has simple buttons and clear icons for ease of use. If you’re one to misplace your TV remove, don’t worry. There is a button on the chair that helps you find your remote with an audible “beep” when it is misplaced. You can even go the full 9-yards by adding the Heat and Mssage options on select models.

We’ve covered a lot of information. If you have any questions book a no-obligation appointment with your local La-Z-boy Design Consultant today. We hope this article has helped you in your process and we’d love to know which option you decide to choose!


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