September 29, 2021

La-Z-Boy Recliners for Different Fits

The search for the right recliner is a very personal journey. There are over 40 different styles of Authentic La-Z-Boy Recliners so it can feel like a daunting task! There are 4 important considerations when looking for "the right chair": Fit, Fashion, Function & Finance. We hope this short guide helps you with the first 2 F's by outlining our most popular options for people of different shapes and sizes.

You've probably began your search for "the right chair" already and have seen designs you like but they didn't feel just right. Maybe it didn't have a wide enough seat for you. Or the head rest or lumbar support positions weren't positioned for your personal height. One great way to start is by grouping the chairs together by size and need.

Petite Recliners

The VAIL is the most popular chair for customers who are looking for a smaller frame that takes up less space in a room. This small chair is big in comfort as it has plush, biscuit-style back cushions for you to sink into.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Vail Recliner

The BROOKS is a great option if you prefer a more modern design in a petite silhouette. It provides 3.5 inches more width of room around your hips and pillowy arm rests. The pillowy headrest and lumbar support provide great comfort.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Brooks Recliner

Recliners for Smaller People

The TROUPER is the top selling recliner for shorter customers. A classic design that was updated with a contemporary look. The combination of bucket seat and padded split back provide a sculpted feel with superb head and lumbar support.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Trouper Recliner

Despite how the PINNACLE is the most popular recliner in Canada... The FORUM is the most popular recliner in Vancouver. Its slim profile is on-trend, with modern sloped arms and a tall, foam filled back that is ideal for taller people with smaller torsos.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Forum Recliner

Recliners for Average Shapes

The FINLEY is another modern design that is wildly popular for taller body profiles. The high, foam back is stylized with single stitch columns that conform around your contour. Completed with a padded head and leg rest for superior comfort.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Finley Recliner

The ETHAN is the most popular design for people with average body types. It provides more seat space and all of the benefits of a genuine La-Z-Boy chair in a modern style. The tight fit cover and rolled padded arm-rests stand out in both leather and fabric.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Ethan Recliner

Recliners for the Big & Tall

The TALLADEGA is the most popular style chair for someone who is above average height. It is engineered for tall people with a higher headrest, and can even be upgraded with a Tall Base option, which adds an extra 1.5 inches of overall height.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Talladega Recliner

The REDWOOD is specifically designed for larger, heavier people. It leads our "Summit Series" in popularity because it comes standard with "Tall" custom options like the Tall Base, Elongated Comfort Selector Handle, Deep Chaise Seat, Higher-Density Foam, and an extra-long leg-rest.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Vancouver - Redwood Recliner

Comfort and fit are important factors when selecting a chair. There is no better way to test those factors than at your local La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery, where a Design Consultant can help you quickly narrow down your options.


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