Bedroom furniture is extremely important when it comes to your bedroom design! Choosing the right furniture size can avoid unwanted injury and create a sense of sanctuary for the person who sleeps in it. Which is why we have some of the best designers for the task.

Bedroom Design Principles

Design Principle 1

Bedrooms need good natural light and ventilation. Try to avoid placing the headboard in front of a window to give the room a good flow of air and natural light.

Design Principle 2

Make sure there’s sufficient room for circulation around the bed, space for changing in/out of outfits.

Design Principle 3

Before deciding where to place your bed, try to think how the view from laying down or sitting on the bed. Is this the view you want to see first thing in the morning?

Design Principle 4

Should I place my bed close to the entrance door? No, your bedroom should be one of the most comfortable places in your mind. Ideal setup should have the bedroom door beyond the foot of the bed or on the other side of the bed so you can’t look directly outside the door. This will create a secure and restful feeling.

Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom Design Questions: What artwork should I choose for my bedroom?

Try to find something with a softer tone. It can give you a very peaceful feeling and help with falling asleep after a long busy day. Vibrant colour or busy artwork tends to keep you awake and create excitement.

Bedroom Design Questions: Is a bedside lamp just decorative?

Of course not, having a bed side lamp on each side of the bed is very important. It’s one of most important accessories you should have in a bedroom. Especially these days we should all think of multi function when selecting furniture. A bed side lamp can act as a task, ambient and accent.

TASK – It has a dedicated function, which is useful for when you read by the bed or wake up in the middle of the night to use the washroom. Might be worth spending extra money investing on a dimmable switch that allows you to dim the lamps.

AMBIENT – It can create balanced lighting within the room. If your lamp has a soft linen shade can help creating a soothing and restful atmosphere.

ACCENT – When the lamp is off it acts as a very nice decor piece, just like a beautiful vase on a dining table.

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