As a mom of three grown children, I understand the importance of finding time for yourself—even just 10 minutes—to recharge and find peace in your busy day. We all know moms have one of the busiest jobs on the planet! Kids need constant care, as do spouses, elderly parents, pets, and even neighbors!

Even though my kids are adults, I still worry about them—are they eating well, staying healthy, studying effectively, and in good relationships? Being part of the so-called sandwich generation, caring for older parents can also be challenging.

Working as a designer at La-Z-Boy gives me the opportunity to speak with busy moms of all ages, as well as dads who are primary caregivers. They all agree that being a parent is stressful, and that’s the truth! However, we can all agree that taking some time for self-care is crucial, especially to care for others.

You don’t need a whole room to recharge; it can be a small, quiet space, hopefully off-limits to noisy, demanding children, lol…

Functional furniture


A beautiful recliner, like the Mercer, is one of my favorites. It’s stylish, cozy, space-efficient, super comfortable, and available in various fabrics to match other furniture. You can recline in comfort to watch your favorite TV show, catch up on reading, or even have a much-needed power nap.

Now that you have a chair or maybe a chair & a half (like the Paxton or Laurel), you need a nice table for your cup of tea or glass of wine, your phone, book, and maybe a little lamp.

Defining a space within a space can be done with an area rug or color blocking. An area rug provides a visual boundary, anchors a space, and ties pieces together. You can use patterns and colors or opt for a simple rug with texture.

Color blocking in a room is another way to define spaces. For example, the dining area could be in dark blue tones while the living area is in neutral tones. Color can also create a mood. Bright colors can be invigorating, while dark colors can be bold and moody. Pastels can create a feminine tone, while neutrals and earthy colors can be calming.

Now that the furniture and color scheme are set, add texture, accessories, and lighting. Texture is crucial for a cozy retreat. Soft linens, furs, velvets, and more create a feeling of home.

Accessorize in style


Accessories like pillows, artwork, books, candles, and plants add interest and personalize the space. Group photos of your children or pets on a feature wall for a more impactful display. Candles create a warm ambience and are popular with moms. Plants add a natural touch, clean the air, and add texture. If you lack a green thumb, opt for realistic fake plants.

Lastly, invest in table/floor lamps for ambient and task lighting. They add a cozy vibe to your space and are essential for workspaces.

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to make the up coming season of gathering a little less stressful. One final tip is about sofa beds! If you need a space for those last minute overnight guests, La-Z-Boy has sofa beds in stock that can easily convert a den or small space into a bedroom. Sofa beds offer the option of a day time reading nook or quiet place that quickly converts into a bedroom if you need it in a pinch! Stop by one of our showrooms in Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley or North Vancouver. Happy Hosting! 

Home with Living room containing a sofa bed


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