June 15, 2021

Features That Separate La-Z-Boy Recliners from Rest

Did you know that La-Z-Boy invented the recliner in 1927? That's right! And we've been manufacturing and perfecting the design ever since. Though there are many companies who manufacture recliners, have you wondered "what is it about La-Z-Boy chairs that make them so much more comfortable and durable?" Look no further, here are the 7 features that separate our recliners from the rest.

1) Exclusive Lower Back Support System

La-Z-Boy is the only recliner that prevents lower back pain by supporting you in every reclining position with a patented system that leans your back and shifts your seat forward as you recline. You'll notice in other chairs that a gap between your back and the seat is created as you recline, leaving your lower back unsupported and strained. This means you need to place a pillow behind your back to create lumbar support.

2) Rock AND Recline

Our chairs are the only recliners that recline your back without having to put your feet up too. Every La-Z-Boy recliner has a patented mechanism that allows you to lean your seat back to a comfortable, natural angle while keeping your feet on the ground. This makes it easier to rock too. Other recliners require you to raise your footrest in order to release and recline your back cushion.

3) Multiple Footrest Positions

There are times when you may not want to recline your feet up all the way, like you're working on your laptop or you're hosting guests. La-Z-Boy's patented locking footrest allows you to adjust the angle of your feet in three different positions depending on what the situations call for. Simply pull back the "Comfort Selector" handle.

3) Dual Locking Footrest

La-Z-Boy's patented dual locking footrest mechanism prevents your footrest from collapsing suddenly. For some, there is peace of mind in knowing that you don't have to worry if your child or pet is playing underneath your reclined feet. The lock is so strong that you can stand on a fully extended leg rest and the entire chair will tip forward. Our sturdy footrests will only close when you want it to.

5) 16 Locking Rocker Positions

La-Z-Boy gives you the most comfort levels of any recliner in the market. When you lean the backrest backwards you'll notice a clicking sound the farther back you lean. Each click is a different locking position, which was patented as "The Sound of Comfort". This feature lets you lock-in the rocker position and it helps you find the position that fits you best at that time. Simply rock, recline and lock!

6) Uni-body Frame Construction

The sturdy frame of a La-Z-Boy recliner is built out of American maple hardwood. All 4 sides are reinforced with "Oriented Strand Board" (OSB). This prevents the frame from expanding apart when you push or pull on the arms as you recline. OSB is stronger than plywood and an environmentally friendlier material. It is so strong that it is used in the construction of floors and roofs. This added durability is why the frames of La-Z-Boy chairs have a limited lifetime warranty, and why our chairs are known to be passed down from generation to generation.

7) Contour Cut Foam Filling

Traditionally, recliners are filed with some form of stuffing which often eventually results in the padding getting packed and sagging over time. Most La-Z-Boy recliners are made with a solid block of patented contour cut foam, which is firmer, more comfortable, looks nicer, and keeps its shape longer. La-Z-Boy also has a range of recliners that are filled with blown fiber or a mixture of fiber and foam, for those who prefer the traditional, pillowy feel.

It's easy to see why these 7 features gives La-Z-Boy recliners their reputation. Every chair is handmade with materials sourced across America. Every product is tested at two times the industry standard to ensure its quality. And every chair has technology you won't find anywhere else. So, whether you're looking to purchase your first La-Z-Boy, or are already a proud owner of one, you now know what makes a genuine La-Z-boy recliner unique and more comfortable than the rest.


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