July 21, 2015

We Asked What Makes Your Dad Awesome, and This is What We Heard



In May, we asked you what makes your dad awesome. It’s safe to say, the response was overwhelming! We received over 120 heartfelt, loving, and thoughtful stories about incredible dads. We heard things about amazing dads including:

“His heart is bigger than any I know. A heart to help others in any way he can”


“He's not just a provider, he's the rock of our family. He's always worked hard so he could give us (his family) the perfect childhood, an education and unconditional love. He's pushed us when we didn't think we could go further, supported us when we struggled, and loved us the whole way through. He's not only been a solid support of his immediate family, but also his extended family. He's dependable, but stern - and somehow keeps his quirky sense of humour intact through it all. I'm proud to call him my dad.”

We also received a classic entry which was hard to ignore : “Do you know Tom Selleck? Well my father's mustache is just as beautiful. Also he's my boss so thats cool.”

That is one of the wonderful things about Father’s Day - it is a perfect time to sit back (on a comfortable La-Z-Boy recliner perhaps...) and reflect on all of the things that fathers and father figures do for us. It is an ideal time to express gratitude for all they do.

This year, La-Z-Boy of Vancouver wanted to make Father’s Day extremely special for one dad. We asked for your stories and surprised one lucky dad a brand new La-Z-Boy recliner. Candace’s story stole our hearts:

“My dad died 3 years ago. I know horrible way to start. But he was awesome. My fondest memory was when he worked at a sponge factory (no joke) and he would bring home bags of reject sponges for my sister and I to play with. We would use them like building blocks and create kingdoms on the kitchen floor with them. I also recall the days when we would watch wrestling and he would do all the crazy jumps and throw us off furniture for a good laugh. It always ended with my sister crying but it was amazing while it lasted. He wasn't my biological dad but you would never have known it. He loved me as if I were from his loins and he always stood behind me no matter what horrible things I got myself into. My dad was awesome. He has left a hole in all our hearts and we miss him so much. Especially my Grandpa. My grandpa talks about him everyday and reminds us of all the funny things he would say and do. If I won the La-Z-Boy chair it would go to Grandpa, he's 85ish and can barely put on his own shoes. I think the new chair would be perfect for him to sit in and reminisce about how awesome my Dad truly was.”

Candace was able to present her Grandfather with the chair on Father’s Day and he was in absolute disbelief. He is now enjoying the chair comfortably with his beautiful great granddaughter. We are so happy we were able to bring smiles to this beautiful family.

We appreciate all those who opened up and shared their heartwarming stories. You can read all the entries at 
https://www.lifestylemeetscomfort.ca/mydadisawesome/. We challenge you to read them without shedding a tear!

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