January 4, 2017

Top Interior Design Trends To Watch In 2017

Last year was a great year for design with big patterns, bold colours and beautiful textures. As we say goodbye to 2016, it’s time to bid these styles adieu. Turn your thoughts to 2017 and the new design trends being ushered in with the new year.

It’s not just for wine stoppers or pin boards. Cork has a number of uses. Interior experts predict cork to make a massive comeback in 2017, adding warmth and texture to your space. Building on the 2016 trend of natural materials, cork is expected to be everywhere from feature walls to surfaces, picture frames and headboards. Bonus: it’s great at absorbing noise, making large, open floor plans feel cozy and contained.

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Made famous by Scottish men and adopted and beloved by designers everywhere, tartan is not just a skirt! This carryover trend from 2016 will only gain traction in the new year. Checks and tartan patterns are perfect for pillows, throws, sofas and wall paper. La-Z-Boy’s Urban Attitudes Collection has tartan pieces and accessories to compliment any interior.

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Forest Green:
It’s the perfect mix of earthy and moody, forest green is expected to be the top colour this year. This dark green tone is being featured on runways worldwide and will make a splash on walls, furniture and decor. Although the colour can be quite dark, if paired with greys and whites, it appears fresh and modern.

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Green itself has been rising in popularity and we’re seeing tones ranging from lime green to emerald making appearances in interior design. In feng shui, green is the colour of renewal and energy. So whether it’s a wall colour or accent rug, using green tones in your next redesign means you’re bringing healing and balance into your space.

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This new year is going to be 3-Dimensional with the amount of textures designers are pouring into home decor. Material manipulation like pleating, stitching, faux fur and crochet are only going to get bigger as the year progresses. These textures are all a part of the macro trend of comfort currently enveloping the design world. Our spaces are becoming less minimal and more comfortable. At Lifestyle Meets Comfort, we know that feeling all too well. Did we miss any 2017 trends you’re aware of? We’d love to hear from you.

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