January 31, 2016

Bright, calm, healthy 2016: What you need to know about the PANTONE colour of the year.

Rose Quartz and Serenity Decor Trends

If you haven’t already heard, Rose Quartz and Serenity were chosen as the PANTONE colour of the year. What makes this so special? Well, for the first time ever, PANTONE's colour of the year is a blend of TWO shades. Why these soft colours? Turns out, more than ever, consumers are more aware of mindfulness and well-being to combat the stresses of everyday life. Soft colours are welcoming and help us feel safe, secure, and reassured.

We’ve got some interior decor tips from designers that will help you design your space using the PANTONE colour of the year. Here’s everything you need to know:

How can I fit this into my room design?

Try a geometric pattern for a pair of pillows on your sofa set! Imagine how much more colourful and calm your living room would feel with a throw pillow like this one!

If you want to use each colour on its own, it’ll look beautiful! But be careful. Using just Rose Quartz as the main colour in a room will make it difficult to pair other pieces. Since Rose Quartz is not quite baby pink, but more of warm rose tone colour, keeping your furniture and accessories lighter in colour will make it much less challenging – and it won’t make your room look like a giant marshmallow!

A good option for the Rose Quartz is to use contrasting colours. You can contrast Rose Quartz in a beautiful way by incorporating shades of gold and rich browns.

If you decide to use Serenity on its own, it will bring a bit more “freshness” into your design. It will be a bit easier to pair accessories and focal points, and will create a cool, calm, and modern space. Aptly named, “Serenity!”

How can I update my space to include the PANTONE colour of the year, without going overboard?

A good way to make sure you don’t go overboard is to try to manage the proportion of colour. For example, if you’re using Rose Quartz are the main colour, try to minimize how much Serenity you use. Notice in the contrast example above, the blue lamp is just a little pop of accent colour – but is not overbearing. It adds a little something special that you will feel throughout the entire room. Just one lamp makes the room cozy, yet fun at the same time.

What moods does the PANTONE colour of the year set?

As mentioned earlier, the soft tones of the colour of the year are meant to bring feelings of calm and well-being. When blended together, the colours create balance between a the warmer tone of Rose Quartz and the cooler tranquil blue of Serenity which represents a connection between wellness and a sense of order and peace to bring relaxation to your life.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the PANTONE colour of the year! Do you think a shade of two was the way to go? How do you think you’ll use this in your next design? Leave a comment and tell us all about your perfect PANTONE picture.

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