January 23, 2017

Tips on Revamping Your Room

Have you ever felt stuck on what to do with your room; like there is something missing or off about it? Today we want to share some of our tips for revamping your room at a decent price! These are some things that we have done to our own rooms to make it feel like it is a new space.

Repaint: Paint is not super expensive or a complicated task and is a really easy way to change up your room. It can be fun to do as well! For little things you can use spray paint and paint them a cute accent colour.

Find hidden space: Vienna found that she didn’t need her whole closet for her clothes so she turned it into a little alcove/cozy area for lounging! This can give your room a personal touch that other rooms may not have.

Clear out clutter: Clutter is nobody’s friend. Clean out some of the stuff you don’t use much anymore, and store it in bins under your bed or in the storage room. This will create more space in your room and make it seem more fresh and less crowded.

Add your personal touch: it’s YOUR room isn’t it?! Hang pictures on the wall that express you, and add cute decor on your desk that you love.

Thanks so much for reading! What are your favourite ways to revamp your room? If you try any of these tips be sure to Snapchat us or tag us in your pictures!

Marley and Vienna, creators of BasicBloggerss, and their best friend Rebecca, live in the Fraser Valley. They enjoy blogging about their favourite recipes, trying new DIYs and expressing themselves through their own unique styles. Travelling, trying new things, shopping and taking photos are some of the things they like to do in their spare time.

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