Many people didn’t even know that a Nursing chair can affect the health of its users. Some people think that every chair is the same. Just use it to sit at work, eat, watch TV, read a book, but sitting in a good chair and sitting in the right way can have a huge impact on the health of the rider.


Why Rockers and Recliners are perfect for nursing mothers

  1. A good chair helps to relax, relieve stress and anxiety even when reclining because it helps support your back and head.
  2. If the chair fits the mother’s body. This will allow you to sit and do activities in the chair such as feeding, reading, or lulling your child longer. Without feeling aches.
  3. Adjust the reclining chair. It will help make blood flow more easily, feet are not cold, reduce varicose veins and cramps.
  4. It will help moms to easily change their posture. Not staying in one position for too long.
  5. Rocking a chair allows the abdominal muscles to move, thus helping to heal the surgical wound faster and help reduce the fascia in the abdomen.
  6. Rocking chairs will help reduce constipation, expel wind and reduce gastric colic.


Why Rockers and Recliners are perfect for your baby

  1. Help develop the baby’s brain from the mother’s womb.
  2. Help the baby to practice tact, understand and adapt to the surroundings, when rocking a chair.
  3. The baby is known to contract against the anti-rocking force to support and maintain balance. Still good for continuous development in terms of balance and the musculoskeletal system. The baby will turn upside down and raise the neck faster than normal.
  4. The rocking will help lull the baby to sleep easier and more comfortably


    The Perfect Rocking Recliner Nursing Chair

    Designed with babies and parents in mind, our Addison rocking recliner is the ultimate nursery chair. A tall back and soft, sturdy cushions surround you in comfort as you gently rock – or glide – your little one to sleep. Perfect for late night feedings, Addison also reclines so both you and baby can relax.




    Addison Rocking Recliner: Starting at $1,399

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