September 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Al Fresco

Thanksgiving Al Fresco

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With Canadian Thanksgiving falling on the second weekend in October, we on the West Coast often find ourselves sweating it out as we eat turkey and pumpkin pie in warm, cozy sweaters while the temps outside are still summer-like. This got us thinking…why not take our Thanksgiving dinner outside? So, don’t put that patio furniture away yet. Here’s our take on Thanksgiving Al Fresco.

Look around your house and think of things that you can use in different ways. We used my kitchen table as it’s quite rustic. And honestly, it took just a few minutes to move outside. But your patio table could work too!

We loved the wood-look bench from La Z Boy and we cozied it up with a lambskin rug. A bench is a great idea as you can often fit a few more people on it versus having chairs…great for those larger family gatherings.

The temperatures might dip as the sun sets, so it’s all about throws…use what you might have and mix up patterns and textures. What says fall more than to being cuddled up with a soft blanket, eating pumpkin pie and sipping on a latte. I used pillows from our rec room as cushions for the wrought iron chairs. Pillows are a good thing as they soften up harder surfaces.

Our decor colour scheme was white, grey and with live greenery and copper accents. We are loving these tiny white pumpkins. And this live looped garland from Simply Perfect Flowers was made from locally foraged greenery. A lot of what was used you may be able to find in your yard. Use your summer lanterns to add candlelight and height to the table. We strung some of our patio globe lights in the trees for added ambience.

An upholstered bench from La-Z-Boy makes for a comfortable place to sit, or even nap, by the fire. I always say that the best stories are told around a fire, so this is another chance to gather around before the season changes.

If Thanksgiving is warm where you live, consider moving your gathering outside. Take advantage of the weather and think of using what you may already have whether it’s furniture or décor in new ways. Of course, it may be the perfect excuse to pick up a new piece or two to make your al fresco dinner just perfect!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wood-look bench and upholstered bench available here.

Pam and Laurel have worked together for over 15 years and it’s been a divine partnership. Beyond their faith, their families are the most meaningful aspect to which they devote their time. Being able to work together, through the throes of each getting married and having families has been a wonderful journey, filled with all kinds of sisterly stuff… laughs, late night planning sessions, squabbles and tears. Three years ago, the sisters took a leap and decided to form a home for all of their shared passions and Sugar Plum Sisters was born as a reflection of all things they love.

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