February 12, 2014

Spotlight: Lori St. Germain

Style, trends, and a passion for home design.

Lori St. Germain has been working for the Millers and their La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries for 12 years and has a wealth of experience in the business. It is clear that she has a love for what she does, and for the company she works for. Check out our conversation about style, trends, and her long-standing passion for home design.

What originally drew you to decorating and design?

“It has always been a passion of mine, even out of high school. It’s just always been there and I’ve always ended up working in design and decorating. I love how it follows fashion and the tie in there.”

What is your official title and what do you do?

“Director of In-Home Design/Merchandising Coordinator. I oversee our free in-home design service and all of our designers who work with our customers. I assist our head merchandiser Debbie Heal with putting together our showroom displays in all four locations so that they are beautiful and inspiring when you walk in the front door.”

Clearly you enjoy working for La-Z-Boy and your status as a long time employee speaks to that. What has made you stay with the company for so long and why is it such a great place to work?

“Having the owners, Gerald and Tim, and their families. It is such a family-oriented place to work because of the strong sense of family values and down-to-earth attitudes. What makes it great is that they are willing to help you grow and to find your areas of expertise and help you move into those. Having the opportunity to try different areas within the company and find my niche has been huge for me.

The free in-home design service also sets us apart from all other furniture stores. The quality and the brand recognition are what I love about La-Z-Boy.”

What gets you excited right now about the fashion side of furniture?

“It’s always the trends. Whatever is up-and-coming is exciting and it’s inspiring to see the new colours and new furniture come in. I love putting together new vignettes in the store with the latest colors and fabrics. It’s like chocolate cake for me! The fact that trends are always changing and evolving means working in a new environment in the showrooms and that keeps things fresh and exciting.”

Do you have a favorite piece or style right now?

The new Urban Attitudes collection, which is coming, is very exciting. It’s more apartment sized, has cleaner lines, and is more contemporary, so for La-Z-Boy to go that route is great because it really fits our Vancouver market.

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