May 27, 2016

Statement Pieces that will Elevate Your Style

“A statement piece should be a reflection of your personality and your style...it is what makes your home unique!”

A few years ago I put together a little craft for Father’s Day. It was created using my son’s old toy fishing rod and a leftover piece of wood from a birdhouse we put together. This craft, which I ended up calling ‘Dads Best Catch,’ has adorned a wall in our home for many years. It is a subtle statement piece and a conversation starter for those who visit our humble abode. A statement piece is stepping out of the mundane and showing a glimpse of your unique self.

In my world, interior design is very closely related to fashion design. The mood of my design approach is inspired by fashion trends and guided by the seasons. To me, a statement piece in interior design is Shuman’s approach to ‘what is fashion.'

Scott Schuman (founder/blogger/photographer) of ‘The Sartorialist’, started with the simple idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. His inspiration came from the ‘streets’ and not from the runway. He would take photos of stylish New Yorkers as he walked the streets and posted the photos on his blog in 2005. This evolved into a style blog that took him from the sidewalks of lower Manhattan to Paris, Milan and where ever we think or speak fashion. The common denominator in all his subjects always remained the same: People dressing themselves in a way that captures attention.

"…..It allows you to step out of the mundane and show a glimpse of your unique self."

A statement piece in interior design can be bold or subtle; it can be loud or just hold a calm sentimental value for you. It is a conversational piece that should be a reflection of your personality and your style; it is what creates a dialogue from your daily life; it inspires you and evokes a sense of personal style.

Imagine a very ordinary outfit like a pair of boyfriend jeans with a white tee; now add a chunky, silver chain necklace with lots of beads or one large stone wrapped in a wire. The addition of this embellishment not only exudes a sense of style, but it takes the look from plain to noteworthy.

"It is a piece that connects our inner thoughts and feelings to the story we tell to the rest of the world."

The concept of “a statement piece", similarly, can be large and/or varying. It can range from art to furniture, or it can be a valued possession that you would like to share. It can be a piece that you have discovered and brought back from your travels, an artifact that you found in your Grandma's attic or even a piece of driftwood that you were drawn to while running along the beach-side with your dog. It is a piece that connects our inner thoughts and feelings to the story we tell to the rest of the world.

In a minimal room, a statement piece will help breathe life into the space and save it from being too boring. In a room where there are too many elements of design, it can tie them all up and bring it together cohesively. Adding such a piece can change the entire flow of the space or dramatically transform the interior decor of the room to an unpredictable and exciting path.

About the Author

Shehla Nasir, known as ‘Shayla’ to our La-Z-Boy family, is an architect/ interior designer who lives in Vancouver, BC. In the time she can conjure up between her two beautiful children’s busy schedules and the love of her life, her hubby, Shayla loves hiking, painting, sculpting and DIY projects.

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