July 7, 2021

Letter from the President

It is not very often that the furniture industry gets any mention in major news publications, and when we do get mentions, it is usually not for the positive contributions we make to society and the economy.  The past few months have been no different.  Many of you may have watched news clips or read articles about import duties penalizing some furniture imports from China and Vietnam.  These duties are mostly on living room upholstered furniture and range from 100-300%.  These duties were based on the idea that many furniture manufactures in those countries were selling furniture in Canada for less than the cost to produce the products.  

Fortunately for us here at La-Z-Boy these tariffs have very little impact on us.  La-Z-Boy has a long history of manufacturing in North America (they even had a plant in Waterloo Ontario for a while) and they have no plans to change that anytime soon.  It is nice to know that when you purchase a La-Z-Boy product you will not have to pay a large tariff due to unfair selling practices.   

There are many more reasons why purchasing La-Z-Boy is a great choice for you and your family. For example, our quality is second to none, based on almost 100 years of manufacturing expertise.  Not having to replace your furniture as often is both economically and environmentally smart. 

We stand behind our products with great service and the La-Z-Boy warranty.  With La-Z-Boy if something were to break or get damaged, in most instances we can repair your furniture saving you time and money.  With many off shore made products, replacement and repair parts are not readily available, so if your furniture does break you usually have to send it to a landfill and then go out and purchase something new. 

There are many more reasons to buy your furniture at your locally owned La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, hopefully these reasons are more than enough for you to trust my team to help you and your family “Live Life Comfortably” on some new La-Z-Boy furniture. 

Gerald Miller

President / Owner La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Greater Vancouver


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