November 1, 2020

Kitchen Hacks

Dreaming of upgrading your kitchen can turn into a nightmare fast. With big costs, long waits and finding the right people; but it doesn’t have to be. Using one or more of these tips can get the job started, or finished, just how you want; while staying in budget.  

A huge trend in kitchen design is minimalism. This doesn’t necessarily mean having less, but means that everything has a purpose. Keeping a clean countertop and getting rid of unneeded or outdated appliances is a great, free, way to start.  

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Adding a contrasting colour will create clean lines from your counter tops to your cabinets. You can use colours from other rooms in your house to bring each room together.  

Painting you cabinets white will help make smaller spaces look larger. It will brighten up your kitchen and create a quiet, clean atmosphere. Be careful with white, as in different types of light it will cast a different shade. It is always best to do a test swatch.  

Change your light fixture to add a focal point to your room. A light fixture is normally an afterthought to the design, but in reality it is one the first things people will notice, often unintentionally. Find a light that matches the current hardware to your kitchen, same metal or aesthetic, will help bring all points of your room together. If your planning on changing your hardware, shop for them together for the best match.  

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