July 25, 2016

Journey of Renovations: A look inside Todd Talbot’s remodelled space

On a rainy and cold June morning in Lions Bay, a large delivery truck pulls up to a cabin that has recently been renovated to become a year round family home. The road is narrow and the hill is steep but the three gentlemen that jump out are more than ready to deliver some finishing touches to make the house a home for the family inside.

With a friendly smile and big hello, Todd Talbot steps out of his home and greets the La-Z-Boy of Vancouver crew. There’s a hubbub of activity as the house is being prepped for furniture that will complete three rooms.

“This is the first time we’ve ordered furniture for a complete space. So, I’ve gone through this many years of life and only kind of piecemealed things together - this actually made me feel like I was transitioning to a grown up.”

You may know Todd as the other half of Love it or List Vancouver where he competes with Jillian Harris to make various homeowners dreams come true. This time, instead of focussing on the show and those homeowners, we’re focussing on him and his beautiful and unique home in Lions Bay that he shares with his wife Rebecca and kids.

Having lived in their home for six years, the pieces of furniture were a mix of everything. Some came from the staging company Todd used to own and some from the 900 square feet of space they lived in before.

“Unique - that was the whole purpose of buying this house. We wanted something different, something unique and I think we created that with the architectural elements of the house.”

“It was a cabin, no insulation, just a straight up cabin. It was meant for the summer and not to be used year round,” adds Rebecca. With real estate prices pushing people to the outskirts of Vancouver, more and more people are moving up the Sea to Sky corridor. “Everyone in Lions Bay lives here year round, there are very few people who just use it as a summer property.”

As we talk, Todd and Rebecca are trying really hard not to sneak a peek at their new furniture coming through the doors of their home.

They wanted to have elements of their surroundings inside the home. “The style that we wanted to embrace was somewhat contemporary but also taking into consideration the environment that we’re in. Every room has a view of the water and the forest.” The couple also wanted elements of the ocean.

This wasn’t a decision made by one partner as both Rebecca and Todd have distinct ideas of what they want. “It’s a very very long drawn out process of back and forth trying to find the perfect answer to every question,” says Rebecca.

That’s where La-Z-Boy’s interior design team comes in handy. Lori, a lead designer from La-Z-Boy became a sort of mediator for Todd and Rebecca, helping them combine their individual ideas. “I’m a big fan of having a mediator. I think people in relationships who are doing renovations can benefit from it.” Todd explains, “We’ve done renos mostly ourselves, and if you have someone that you’re working with you can defer to them and then they can decide who they like and take sides!”

Since this couple loves everything white, they say Lori helped push them outside their comfort zone and take risks. Without her help, they say they would have likely gone with “safe” options.

Todd first discovered La-Z-Boy while shooting for the VGH Lottery House at a beautiful home in White Rock. La-Z-Boy furnished every room in the home, and Todd was drawn to the quality and customization that the well know retailer stands for. In fact, the couch that was featured in the lottery house was the same style that he ordered for his family’s living room. The only difference is the couch he ordered comes with spill proof fabric.

“I was like, ‘man I love this couch!’ By the end of the day, I was so convinced I wanted it that I asked where I could get it and they said La-Z-Boy. Ahhhhh! I was surprised to be honest.”

Todd says he had made up his mind about La-Z-Boy but was surprised by all the furniture and accessories he saw throughout the lottery home. When he went into the store, Todd said he was surprised by the amount of pieces that weren’t on the showroom floor but available when Lori suggested them.

The In-Home Design consultations at La-Z-Boy are complimentary which helps when designing and remodelling a space. Interior designers like Lori help customers with suggestions, bringing a vision to life on a budget and anything else they need.

After all the renovations and decorating, Todd and Rebecca have one piece of advice for anyone thinking of taking on the task: “It’s been a long process. Sometimes people don’t understand that to get things right you have to take time. You can’t rush it - as soon as you do you make mistakes.”

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