October 9, 2014

How-To: Refining a Renovation Plan with Furnishings

It’s inevitable. If you are a homeowner, chances are at some point you will take on a renovation. Wear and tear can take their toll on your cabinets and carpets. Your lifestyle can change with growing families or shifting careers. And in a few rare circumstances, creative curiosities can over take common sense.

But before you start swinging that hammer or ripping up old floors, don’t forget to include furniture, decorations and accessories into your plan and budget. Our expert designers at Lifestyle Meets Comfort and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries incorporate that into each of our in-home design consultations. Here are some simple suggestions to keep in mind when planning a renovation.

Plan Your Space

Renovation plans focus on big key elements like: flooring, walls, cabinets and lights. Do you choose hardwood, laminate, tile or carpet for your floors? What color of paint will bring vitality to the room? Where are the best places to install lights or chandeliers?

It’s easy to get caught up in making those big choices that furnishings get forgotten or overlooked. Carefully make note of all the current or new furnishings that will be used to complete the space. Here’s a handy checklist to get you started: sofas, chairs, ottomans, artwork, drapes, photos, shelves, tables and ornaments.

Each piece should have a place in the plan. The more detailed the better. Need help hanging those curtains? Make sure it’s in the plan. Nothing is more disappointing than spending time and money on a renovation and then at the end of it all, not having a completed room to fully enjoy.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

Sometimes a plan will change a room so dramatically that the current furniture no longer works! Construction costs can easily overshadow the budget for new furnishings. Set aside a decent portion of your budget solely to purchase new furniture and finishing touches. Leaving it out may seem like a great way to cut corners, but you will end up sacrificing comfort and livability. And after spending valuable time and money to fix a room, you want to make sure you can enjoy it completely.

Don’t Give Up

Reinventing a room is a worthwhile creative challenge. It’s easy to lose focus in the process, but don’t give up. A renovation should be extremely rewarding and gratifying. Whether it is a bedroom, living room, or home office, be encouraged. By having a strong plan, a clear budget, some resolve and a whole lot of patience, you can do it and keep your sanity!

If you’re in the midst of a renovation, just finishing up or only just beginning to dream, our La-Z-Boy In-Home designers can take the guesswork out of your final interior design plans. They’ll work with you on your lifestyle and room goals to create a floor plan. They can suggest wall colors, furniture styles with custom fabrics, decorations, and artwork. Schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our designers today!

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