November 9, 2016

How to double your furniture as art

Interior Design Tips

I would bet, that like myself, you’ve spent about 3 hours on Pinterest this week. Pinning away all of the living room inspiration that you dream to have from picture perfect decor trends. Oh, how I long to live in my dream home! A mix of modern, minimalist, mid-century and Scandinavian designs. Can you picture it? I can!

When you’re looking to design your dream home, you must keep track of the essentials: lighting, carpeting, tables, mirrors and more. Once you’ve handled those, then you can add in the succulents, designer accessories and the artwork that makes this place say “oh yeah! I got style!”

I have a little trick. But shhh… I’ll only share it with you if you promise to tell everyone!

I like to use my essentials, as my decorative art pieces. It cuts the cost down and keeps you from purchasing too many items that can clutter your home. I myself am more of a minimalist but that’s probably because I can’t commit to dusting everything in my home.

I’ve rounded up 5 essentials in my home that I double as stylish art pieces. Let me know what you think!

The Side Table
A side table is a must when designing your living room. I’ve been in homes where a coffee table was the only option, but depending on how your interior decor is arranged, you want to ensure that there is enough table space for your items. I’ve gone with a more geometric design for my side table. I receive a bevy of compliments from my guests and I adore coming home to it.

This Hidden Treasures Accent Table & Modern Basics Accent Table are the perfect La-Z-Boy pieces to create an artistic look in your living room.

The Lamp
Lighting is a definite must-have in your living space. It not only provides light but it sets the mood. Instead of choosing a traditional lamp, I’ve gone with a geometric shape and Edison bulb. This was found a local furniture shop by a local designer and I love the effect.

The Pillows
To compliment your couch, you’re going to want some throw pillows. This adds for a fuller effect and brings the room together. Accessories, say it all! I’ve chosen faux-leather pillows with a woven texture. This adds some contrast to the soft fabric couch.

The Rug
I like to use my rug to tie in the different shades in the room. My new apartment has lots of brown and hints of white and cream. Surrounded by grey and black furniture, this shows a consistent theme throughout the house. I’ve chosen a faux-fur cowhide rug because of its shape. This adds dimension to the room instead of the standard straight lines.

The Mirror
The reason a mirror is an essential is because it creates the illusion that your room is much bigger than it is. I chose an oversized wooden framed mirror to provide a focal object in the dining area. A thinner framed mirror can easily get lost in the design.

I hope you enjoyed my interior design tips and use them to create your own artist impressions in your home!

About the Author

Award-winning Vancouver Lifestyle Blogger Randa Salloum has spent the last three years as a full-time Influencer and Artist. Using her impact in the Fashion Industry, she has shone a light on international brands, personal style and the best way to brand your skills. Born and raised in Vancouver, Randa carries over seven years of experience in the Fashion Industry in various roles such as; Personal Stylist, Stylist Assistant, Production Manager, Backstage Coordinator, Visual Merchandiser, Retail Management, Sales & Marketing Manager & Event Coordinator. Most recently, Randa has immersed herself into the world of Food and Drink as the Vancouver Ambassador for prominent liquor houses, Rémy Martin & Cointreau as well as global brand Perrier. With a career in Online Marketing, Randa has escalated brand awareness for multiple growing companies through Photography, Social Management, and Marketing. Randa currently fills the role of Marketing & Social Media Manager for Vancouver’s premier shopping district, Robson Street.

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