October 6, 2016

Fall Decor Trends

Fall Decor Trends

Fall is nature’s last colourful show of beauty before the winter white and grey façade arrives (or, mostly grey if you’re with us on the wet, west coast), which is why it’s the top season for both fashion and interiors.

Fashion weeks in London and New York finished and left us with a dazzling array of inspiration this season. With the cold weather coming, people are preparing not only their wardrobe, but their interiors too. Our La-Z-Boy designers Debbie Heal and Jean Ann Marks compiled a list of fall decor trends that’ll look good on your body as well as in your home.

London’s Fashion week showcased free-spirited and subversive beauty with pops of bright colours, botanical elements and braids whereas New York focused on statement fur pieces, ruffles, shades of tan, pink and black and gold metallic tones.

These interior design elements can easily make the jump from your closet to your living room. Bold floral patterns in jewel tones of deep purple and navy can be added to any existing design to make it fall-friendly.

Neutral tones are re-emerging on this year’s runway and there is nothing boring about them. They allow for creativity and class in your wardrobe and your home.

In Canada, some of the top fashion trends that are taking over runways could also take over your home.

1.Chokers are making a comeback. They’re huge, bold and chunky. Try incorporating this trend in your designs and choose bold accessories sure to get the conversation flowing.

2.The dominant fall lip colour is a dark, almost black-burgundy. Pair it with earthy and natural nail colours of either mud, sand or mushroom. These colours will compliment any interior design with room for experimenting in throws, pillows and fabrics.

3.If you really want to be out there, fur is appearing in all colours, psychedelic starburst prints and ombre effects. It is vibrant and beautiful. Match it with the gloss that is making the jump from lips to shiny fabrics in jackets, coats and upholstery.

Image Via Elle Decor

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About the designers:

Jean Ann Marks is the Corporate Training Manager at La-Z-Boy. She recently completed the Bachelor of Leadership and Development Degree at TWU. She has a passion for fashion and interior design so she is happy to have settled into a career where she can meld these two things together. Her creative eye and industry knowledge sets her apart as an expert in design when it comes to both fashion and furniture.

Debbie Heal is La-Z-Boy Vancouver's Visual Merchandise Designer and Buyer. She's been involved in the furniture industry for almost two decades and brings her exceptional design skills to every project she takes on. Debbie has recently gained attention for her work in styling lottery homes.

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