September 13, 2017

DIY Fall Wreath

Can you believe it is time to start thinking about fall decor?! I absolutely love fall and everything that goes along with it; layers, apples, warm drinks, cozy home, and beautiful fall house decor. Decorating your home from season to season can get expensive though, so that is why I wanted to create something that is not only easy to make but also easy on the budget. You can create this easy to make Fall Wreath for under ten dollars, can you believe it?

Grab a group of friends and make a night out of it. Everyone could spend just a few dollars on wreath decor and at the end of the night you would leave with a beautiful creation. You don’t need a lot to create something perfect.

You could even take this small DIY fall wreath idea and create a large wreath like I did in the summer. (http://creativewifeandjoyfulworker.com/diy-large-floral-wreath/ ). Now get outside, find yourself some branches and start creating you next fall wreath to bring fall decor into your home.

DIY Simple Fall Wreath for Under Ten Dollars


  • Garden Clippers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Thin Wire or Elastics
  • Faux Fall Themed Garland
  • Pinecones & Pumpkins
  • Ribbon or Lace
  • 3 Pliable thin branches measuring your arms length (or larger for a bigger wreath)


  1. Gather your three branches and tie an elastic or wire around one end to secure them in place. This is where you are going to start your braid.
    *TIP: The more pliable the branches the easier it is going to be to create your wreath. Branches that are old and dried out are not going to work great.
  2. Braid from the tied end to the end of your branches, tie an elastic or wire around the end to hold in place. Once your braid is complete bend your braid around to form a circle. You will want to have the two ends overlap, tuck one end underneath the elastic from the opposite side to secure.
  3. Tuck the small stray branches in the braid around the wreath to form a cleaner circle.

  4. Once the circle is formed and the wreath is secure you can get your faux floral garland. Manipulate the garland around the wreath twisting it around so that the flowers and leaves align. I prefer the look of it all in one place on the wreath, however you could have it go all the way around the outside and that would look beautiful too!
  5. As you get to the end of your wreath tuck the end between the branches. You could secure it in place with a bit of hot glue if you think it is needed.
  6. Add your decorative pumpkins and pinecones around the wreath where you think looks best. I chose to do three pine cones near the top of the flowers and have another near the bottom poking out. Use hot glue to keep them in place.
    *TIP: I got my pinecones and pumpkins in a little bag from the dollar store for two dollars.
  7. Take your ribbon and cut to the desired length that you want your wreath to hang. Tie it together at the top and find a place to hang your wreath.

About Codi Lynn

Codi Lynn is a wife and mother to three little ones. With a love for design, photography, and connecting with mothers she started her blog Creative Wife and Joyful Worker. Her platform is built to inspire and encourage other mamas through day to day activities. Find out more about Codi by visiting her on Instagram or her website.

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