September 9, 2021

Delays on La-Z-Boy Custom Orders

A Message from the General Manager of La-Z-Boy of Greater Vancouver

Since the start of the global pandemic the world has navigated numerous challenges. During this time, La-Z-Boy has seen success as our customers spent more time at home and invested in making their lives more comfortable. Globally, interest and demand for upholstery doubled and the demand for wooden furniture tripled. This created long wait times on custom ordered furniture. We would like thank our customers for their patience and understanding, and to take a moment to provide you with more context for the long waits and what we are doing in response.

Before the pandemic, most of our furniture sales were custom orders. Any sofa or chair you see on our show floor can be customized right down to the last detail and is hand made to order. The production times were a reasonable 4-6 weeks, with manufacturing occurring in the United States and shipments made by ground transport. Today, it can take between 3 to 9 months for a custom order. These long wait times are unprecedented but can also be seen industry wide, as well as in other industries like patio furniture and appliances.

One major factor for the delays is COVID-19's effect on global shipping. The second major factor is a supply constraint on materials like wood, leather and specialized foam used in furniture cushions. The third major factor is a change in our manufacturing process. La-Z-Boy factories reduced the number of employees on production lines to social distance for safety, which directly limits how many pieces are created each week despite the increased demand.

To combat these challenges, La-Z-Boy is planning to open new factories in 2021/2022 to adapt to production demands. Locally, a healthy schedule of inventory of the most popular La-Z-Boy designs and configurations arrives at our warehouses weekly. This way we can ensure that customers in the market for fine furniture can find La-Z-Boy products at their local furniture gallery in Richmond, Coquitlam, North Vancouver and Langley.

We know that when you invest in a La-Z-Boy you want it to fit into your life for years. Despite the long wait times, custom orders are still being made regularly. We understand your needs and thank you again for your business and patience. We will continue to keep you updated with the status of your existing orders and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

Joseph Myers
General Manager
La-Z-Boy of Greater Vancouver


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