February 17, 2016

Decorating a Space with Organic Elements – Laurel Edwards & Pam Ratzlaff of the Sugar Plum Sisters

There is a decor trend for taking the line between indoor and outdoor and blurring it. Decorating with organic elements is the perfect way to bring nature inside. Why do we want to do that? Well, there is a level of warmth and comfort that comes with these elements. Wood, greenery, foliage and textures bring earthiness to a space. Formal spaces become a little softer and modern areas can feel less austere with the addition of just a few well chosen pieces.

From big to small, here are a couple of ways to add a more organic feel to your home:

1) Wood can immediately enliven a space by bringing warmth and personality. Pieces with a "story" add an additional level of interest and can be treasured for years to come. Such is the case with this carefully handmade coffee table. Reclaimed pieces of lath were taken from an old home in Seattle, WA and crafted together. There is something special about repurposing and being able to appreciate the wood's second life...the imperfections, the different grains and hues. Raw beauty.

2) Plants lend themselves to both rustic and modern environments. They add warmth in a modern space and temper minimalism while not complicating it. Many plants also have a functional role by cleaning the air and balancing humidity. Fiddle leaf figs are one of those species, and while a bit finicky, their look more than makes up for the extra care. They add a level of simple beauty.

3) Organic pieces, such as wooden trivets, antlers and serving pieces add interest to tabletops...we especially love to use them atop a buffet space. The bamboo spoons and coffee scoop are completely functional and look fantastic paired with more traditional serving pieces. Little touches can make a huge impact!

4) Succulents have to be one of our favourite decor elements at the moment. These little guys are visually interesting and incredibly low maintenance. Potted in varying vessels, they are the simplest way of adding a "pop" to most any space. Display alone or in multiples for a fresh update to a spot in your home that is needing some life.

5) Add texture with more natural feeling layers, such as faux fur. A casually placed throw is incredibly inviting and adds more dimension to a space. The same applies to an area rug. Large floor spaces can make a room feel cavernous...an area rug brings a room in and creates some definition.

These ideas are simple to incorporate and really do make an impact. The buzz word here is warmth. Make sure to allow that warmth in amongst the goal of a clean and modern aesthetic. You get a feeling the moment you enter a space…and we like to think that an inviting and warm space is what will make your home a place that others love to visit.

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