July 14, 2017

Cushion Cover DIY

With Summer in full swing it’s fun to add a pop of colour to your seasonal decor. Whether used inside or out, cushion covers are a great way to switch things up for the season: they don’t break the bank and can easily be washed and stored at the end of the season for the following year (or use them year- round for a bright/ bold accent). Choose a design you like and in colours to match your decor, you can make these as simple or intricate as you like and you only need a few materials. Perfect as a weekend project!


1) Cushion covers (the ones shown in this DIY are 50” * 50”- make sure you use covers that will fit the cushions you have)
2) Fabric paint
3) Foam brush
4) 3D fabric paint
5) Pom pom trim and/ or pom poms
6) Embroidery thread + needle
7) Hot glue gun
8) Tin foil


1) Insert a piece of tin foil in the cushion cover so that the fabric paint doesn’t bleed through to the other side.
3) Using the fabric paint, outline the design you want and fill it in. Touch up any areas necessary and allow to dry.
4) If you like, do a second coat with 3D fabric paint. To make the design stand out, use brighter colours than the first coat of fabric paint. Allow to dry.
5) When ready, use a hot glue gun to attach pom pom trim around the edges (you can also sew it on by hand) and/ or sew pom poms on around the edge.
6) Insert your cushion and enjoy on a patio or bring Summer indoors for some bright seasonal accents.


Katherine Petrunia is the founder of lifestyle blog Our Happy Place, and a wife and Mom of two little ones. On OHP she shares about everything from recipes and DIY ideas, to home décor and fashion, plus pieces on real life and tips for leading a healthy life full of the things we love.

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