January 8, 2014

How to be Colour-Savvy

Being bold and colour-savvy is a big thing; but it requires thoughtful consideration otherwise it will be quick to overwhelm the senses – and your bank account!

Fashion trends and home design colours tend to move together, and typically only last a few seasons, if that. Last year, one of the big colour crazes was emerald green, while this year it has swung all the way over to orchid purple. Knowing what's hot and current is the first step to being colour-savvy.

Other colours have more staying power. Variations on teal and turquoise blues have been on trend for a few years, and gray has been the neutral of choice for a few seasons now. It can definitely be overwhelming to scan through all the options and try to make a decision!

So, how do you navigate this maze of trends and colour, and actually end up with something you like in your home?

Lori, director of our In-Home Design Service, has some tips:


1. Save your bank account.

“A major piece of upholstery is an investment that will last a long time, so I recommend that you purchase those in a neutral tone and accent the major furniture with throw cushions, artwork, or an area rug. If you want to splurge a little, add in one accent chair in a bold colour to set off your more neutral furniture. This way you can keep up with trends or switch things out as you get tired of them without breaking the bank.”

2. Color doesn’t have to be scary!

“By not committing to ten years with a fuchsia coloured loveseat and instead opting for some throw cushions, you have given yourself the freedom to explore different colours without a major commitment. Let yourself be excited about the possibilities, because colour can add some brightness and fun into a space.”

3. Stick to your personal style.

“As much as it is enjoyable to keep up with what is trending, there is something to be said for sticking to what appeals to your eye. It will mean you feel comfortable in your own home and that is ultimately the most important part about decorating. If you don’t love ‘radiant orchid’ being this year’s colour, skip it and choose another tone that works for you.”

4. Ask a professional.

“If in doubt, get some help before you decide to paint all your walls emerald green! It can be easier to make major decisions when you have someone with experience and advice giving you a hand. Come connect with one of our in-home designers at your local La-Z-Boy store and we will give you hand!”

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