August 4, 2016

Bedroom Design Principals

Your bedroom is the place in your home where you can express your creative freedom to the fullest. It’s your private sanctuary that you get to customize for you, or you and your partner. Our In-Home Designer, Kenji, shares what you should consider when laying out the design of your bedroom:

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What will maximize my space?
The size of your bedroom furniture is an extremely important factor in bedroom design. Choosing the right furniture size can help you to avoid injury, and make sure there's sufficient room for circulation around the bed. Extra space allows you to move around, get dressed, and get ready in a non-clustered space.

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Where do I place my bed?
Before you decide where to place your bed, try to think about the view you have from lying or sitting on your bed. Will you be comfortable every day waking up to this view?

The placement of your bed should allow you to easily navigate your bedroom. For example, placing your bed near the door is probably not the strongest idea, as you’ll need ample room for the door to open and close. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable place in your mind, so a setup that flows with how you get ready in the morning and ready for bed is ideal.
A helpful tip for better sleep - place your bed in a spot where you’re not looking directly outside the door, so you feel more protected and restful.

If you have windows in your bedroom, allow them to reach their full function. To let in natural light and ventilation, try to avoid placing the headboard of your bed in front of a window to give the room a good flow of air and plenty of natural light.

What artwork should I choose for my bedroom?
Try to find something with a landscape and soft tone, it can give you a very peaceful feeling and can help you fall asleep after a long, busy day. Vibrant, busy artwork will tend to keep you awake.

What’s the function of my bedside lamp?
Bedside lamps serve three main functions: they (first and foremost) provide light at night for your safety, create a balance of light within the room, and make for great accent pieces for your space. You should have one on either side of your bed if there’s two of you, as it's one of most important accessories you should have in a bedroom.

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TASK - Getting some light on your eyes can help you to wake up a bit before walking in the middle of the night, and will help you walk more steadily. The light will also help to guide you as you walk around the room.

Tip: A dimmable light would be a great idea, as the light won’t shock you right away when it turns on!

AMBIENT -It can create a very balanced light within the room, a nice soft linen shade can give the room a very soothing, restful feel.

ACCENT - When the lamp is off, it acts as a very nice decor piece. Think of it like a sofa table vase, or centrepiece of a grand dining room.

These design principles are key to keep in mind when designing your home. They’re important questions to ask yourself, as they’ll help you maximize the space that you have. Tell us the tip that helped you out most, and follow us on Twitter at @LifestyleMeetsC!

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Kenji brings seven years of interior design experience to La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. As an In-Home Designer, he brings his widespread interior experience and a holistic approach to room planning. He loves the challenge of producing versatile and flexible spaces with custom lighting, colours and fabrics. He is inspired by the style of each of his clients, discovering their hopes and then working within the resources given to effectively create their dream living spaces.

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