August 31, 2016

7 Tips to Consider when Moving into Your New Home

Interior Design Tips

Moving is a huge change in anyone’s life. Whether you are moving across the country or just across town, you want to be able to walk into your new home knowing it’s perfect. Here are some tips to ensure you turn your new abode into a place you are proud to call home.

Before moving anything in, take a look at what’s below your feet. When your new home is empty is the perfect time to decide whether the floors will suit your interior design tastes. This saves you the time and effort for having to move furniture or uproot your routine while the project is complete. If you dislike carpet, now is the perfect time to consider hardwood. If the pink tile in the bathroom is not your style, you can make the update before your first night at home.

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A fresh paint job is a great way to put your personality stamp on your new place. A new color palette will serve as the basis for your home’s overall decor. Plan out feature walls or stick to a certain colour scheme throughout. Your home should reflect you.

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Closet Systems
If you’ve got a new place, you’re going to need a place for everything to go. An empty home affords you the opportunity to install any closet or organizational systems that will help your home run more efficiently. This can include closet systems, garage storage, and shelving for spaces in other areas of the home.

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Plumbing or Electrical Work
These aren’t the enjoyable tasks when decorating your new home, but can often be some of the most beneficial for the safety of your new place. Take care of any electrical work or replace any of the plumbing infrastructure that might be outdated or in need of a quick fix. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel
Always wanted a gourmet kitchen? Dreamed of having a bathroom that would make the local spa jealous? If they didn’t come as a part of your new home, now is the time to make it happen. There’s already an upheaval going on, which means it’s a less stressful time to complete a renovation.

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New Furniture
Who doesn’t love shopping for new furniture? When you move into a new space, your current furniture is not going to fit just as it did in your old home. If you’re moving into a larger space, you may not have enough pieces to fill the additional square footage. If you’re downsizing, that sectional sofa may no longer be appropriate. Consider the layout of your new home in deciding on furniture placement. Now is the time to replace that armchair you’ve had since college and update your style with the decor trends that better suit your taste.

Don’t Forget the Accessories
Liven up your new home with window treatments, area rugs, lighting, and other touches that tie your space together and reflect your personality. Moving to a new home can be a lot of work and add a lot of stress. Decorating is one way to make your new home comfortable and a lot of fun. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than walking into your brand new home knowing it’s tailored just for you.

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