October 25, 2017

6 Steps to Hosting an Amazing Friends Dinner Party

In addition to turkey, pumpkin pies and Halloween, this time of year marks the unofficial start to the holiday season. It’s a time to express our gratitude and reflect on the things and the people that bring us joy and bind us together. For many of us, a significant source of happiness comes from our friends. A Friends Dinner Party is a meaningful addition to this holiday season, and when appropriately hosted, a lot more fun than the typical family gathering. Not to mention, generally a lot less stressful to plan. 

There still can be pressure to impress your besties. To help you out, here are six simple (but far from basic) ways to host an amazing friends dinner party!

(And to all my friends out there, I #heart you.)

6: Potluck Feast

If the idea of prepping an entire dinner freaks you out, you’re not alone. Cooking isn’t everyone’s forte. Lessen the burden of making a whole dinner by asking your friends to each bring over a dish of their choosing and have one giant potluck!

Tip: Create a Friends Dinner group chat to go over dishes and avoid any repeats.

5: DIY Pumpkin placeholders

A super simple way to add a personal and quirky touch to your dinner table is with DIY placeholders. Mini pumpkins are perfect for this project and easy to find at flower shops and specialty markets, like Whole Foods, during this time of year. 

To make: Pick up a glitter pen at any craft store and scrawl your guests’ names across these funky little gourds! Easy as pie. 

4: Polaroid Camera

Smile for the camera, and no, we’re not talking about your iPhone. The last few years have seen a resurgence of polaroid-style instant cameras, particularly at special events like weddings, company launches, and as of now, a dinner with friends! It adds a personal touch to take your dinner party to the next level.  Grab some props together to create a photo booth vibe.

Grab yours at London Drugs.               

3: Polaroid Quote Wall

That polaroid camera we mentioned earlier?  Perfect for your Polaroid Quote Wall! 

All you need for this project is 1) A wall (surprise), 2) string of any kind, 3) clothes hanger clips. 

Encourage your friends to write a word or a few at the bottom of the polaroid pics they snap throughout the night to hang up on the wall.  Capture the evening with personalized captions and hashtags. Instagram IRL anyone?

2: Fun party games

As Pink once sang, get the party started – with some entertaining games where the entire crew can participate! At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned game of charades (especially once the cocktails kick in).

1: Harvest cocktail

Welcome your friends with a delicious cocktail that will warm them up from the inside out. An apple cider Moscow mule is a great example. Prep time for this drink is under five minutes, which means that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time sipping with your friends. 

Check out this great recipe!

About Blanca Blandon:

Blanca Blandon is the Community Manager and founding member of Populist. She oversees all things social, creative and community. Blanca is the Queen B Poster, Go-Getter and All Things Lovely. As a broadcast journalist and news producer, she has a voice and commands it to be heard through telling stories. The more wine involved, the more creative she gets. She loves to travel, eat, drink, and get in trouble.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram.

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