April 21, 2016

5 Tips to Fit Your Home Office into a Small Space

Is the only potential space for you to have a home office a little cozier than you’d like? Don’t worry – It can function just as effectively as a full, standalone, room if you organize it well.

Ideally, your space has plenty of natural light, which you can take advantage of while working through personal paperwork, blogging goals or your home-based business.

Be sure to treat it as a sacred space or a ‘hot spot’ and don’t let it get cluttered up. This space is visible constantly, to everyone (even your guests) since it may very well be in the heart of the home.

Here are five tips to utilizing space when designing your home office.

1. Hide stuff

Your drawers must be organized in the most efficient way as to avoid desktop clutter. If you need additional storage that needs to be accessible daily (not in your basement, for example), you can purchase drawer carts to further storage space and tuck it underneath a desk or counter.

2. Keep the Pretty Stuff Visible

Display flowers, a special memento or two, and a beautiful pen cup on your desktop to keep it pretty, but functional. I like to keep the paperwork that I access on the desktop as well. I recently painted my file holders in black, white and gold to give the desktop a fun and personalized feel.

3. Lighting

Hopefully, your space has plenty of natural light so that it will always feel bright during daylight hours, but you may also want additional lighting. Additional lighting helps brighten your workspace as well as add light to a cloudy day or late-night marathons.

4. Store Non-Essentials Elsewhere

Your annual paperwork, receipts, and past project work can be stored in file boxes, filing cabinets or dresser drawers in a different part of your home. Keep a traditional file cabinet in your utility room in the basement, for example, for financials, past project work, inspiration files, reference and everything you don’t access on an almost-daily basis.

5. Comfortable Chair

You’ll need a comfortable chair if you’re going to be sitting at this desk for any length of time. Keep in mind that it should match the colours and overall decor of your space and perhaps that means it’s an upholstered chair instead of a traditional office chair. Chose comfort and style but be sure that it’s the right height for your counter or work surface height before committing. Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling super short when pulled up to a counter to attempt to get some work done.

Working from home has many benefits. I love working out of my home office in the kitchen because it helps me stay in touch with the kids while they’re doing homework over on the island or dining room table, overhearing them as they grab a snack from the pantry with their pals, and sharing the ‘great room’ with the rest of the family even while I work. I especially love getting a few things finished up while I’m starting or finishing dinner because I’m in the same room!

Connie Peters is a mom of 3 girls in Greater Vancouver and the founder of modernmama.com. She works from her kitchen office and her family might say the desk doesn’t always look quite so clean.

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