Choosing the right colours for your furniture is one of the most important aspects when creating a cohesive, stylish space. In this 2023 new year, designers have been testing bold and bright hues, as well as earthy and natural tones. This creates a range of looks that can be both playful and sophisticated. Below is a guide the hottest furniture colours of 2023, that will help you to incorporate them into your home design.

Bright and Bold Hues

These are colours that are both vivid, eye-catching, for example, fuchsia pink, tangerine orange, and turquoise blue, adding energy and pop to any room. These hues are amazing for creating a statement piece in your home. Ideas such as, an accent wall, a brightly coloured sofa or a bold colourful piece of artwork that attract attention. When working with bright colours, maintain a neutral landscape around to accentuate the bold colour pieces.

Pastel Hues

Pastel colours, particularly powder blue, lavender, and blush pink, are taking the helm in 2023. These softer, sweeter shades are an ideal option when creating a fanciful and playful vibe in any room. Pair with neutral tones, you can create a classier look. You may have noticed, nurseries and children’s rooms, lean towards this colour scheme to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Furniture Colours With Neutral Tones

Although bold and brighter hues are making big statements coming in 2023, neutral tones are still essential in home decor. Having different neutral tones like beige, grey or white can provide an ideal backdrop that allows other key elements in a room to shine. They are great choice for those who prefer the more classic look, as they are very versatile and timeless, providing a blank canvas that you can design around when you want to switch things up.

Furniture Colours With Earthy Tones

For creating a natural and calming vibe, earthy tones are a great solution. These are your olive green, rust orange, and terra cotta colours. These warm, grounding furniture colours are nature inspired, and evoke a sense of comfort and coziness in your space. They’re especially perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to make a statement with a bright piece of furniture or create a calming atmosphere with earthy tones, there’s a colour for every style and taste. So go ahead and experiment with different hues and find the perfect furniture colour for your home.

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