August 9, 2021

2021 Interior Design Trends

I sat down with In-Home Design Manager, Kenji Chik, to find out what the emerging design trends are for 2021. Kenji has been with La-Z-Boy for over 8 years in our Richmond and Coquitlam Furniture Galleries. He works closely with families who take advantage of our free design consultancy service, while leading a team of La-Z-Boy In-Home Designers. After one of the longest years in memory, he believes fashion in furniture has noticeably relaxed from its traditional norms.

Oversized and Relaxed

Interior design and furniture trends are quite often influenced by the fashion industry. For example, prior to the pandemic fitted and tailored styles were in. This led to the appeal of perfectly proportioned furniture. Fast forward to 2021. A comfortable lifestyle is now top of mind, where loose, oversized outfits have become more trendy. And it's no surprise since we've all been stuck at home in our pajamas.

This movement towards comfort has found its way into our homes in the form of off-proportioned and slightly oversized decor inspiring recent design schemes. For example, larger seating arrangements are a great fit, like the oversized 'Chair and a Half' or the Cuddler Corner and Chaise Lounges sectional configurations. Oversized wall art, sculptures, and rugs can also be used for quick and pronounced updates.

Bravely Bending the Rules

Symmetry and complimentary colours have been the norm for decades, but these traditional rules are loosening in 2021. Kenji recommends taking a leap by going against the restraints and restrictions of old by mixing bold colours, textures and patterns. It's a great time to be expressive by playing with scale and proportion, as well as having fun with variations.

For example, when using stripes you're not limited to just one stripe style or colour anymore. You can experiment with different colours and sizes of stripes to add layers of depth and character to a flat coloured sofa - heck, even place them in different directions! Mismatching patterns and texture will be the key to bringing smooth surfaces to life if you plan on being the trendy "Designer Friend" of your circle.

It's okay, Baby. It's iClean!

Peace of mind is becoming more and more important when it comes to choosing fabrics. La-Z-Boy customers are asking for upholstery that is easier to maintain and more durable without sacrificing comfort. Modern fabrics like La-Z-Boy's patented iClean material takes the worry out of ruining your furniture. It wicks away liquids and dries very quickly, so it's easy to clean up spills.

Pet owners know to look for iClean because of its reputation for being so durable it can be virtually used outdoors, and can handle light soiling. This makes it tough enough to withstand your dog or cat compared to traditional materials. But, most importantly it feels as soft as linen. So start inviting your fur baby up for a cuddle without worrying about dirty paws, and enjoy that popcorn during your movie without worrying about crumbs!

The next time you visit a La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery, we invite you to speak with an In-Home Designer about your next design project. They are professional interior designers who offer their services to you free of charge. It is their pleasure to discuss your goals and helping you achieve the latest interior design trends by adding a single piece of furniture, or redecorating an entire room. Schedule a no obligation design consultation today!


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