Trends: What Ones to Leave Behind

What trends are we still holding onto and which ones are we ready for everyone to let go of? See below for our list of hits and misses of 2017!

Miss – Mixed Patterns:

Consider scale when you’re introducing mixed patterns to your design. This means that the size of the patterns needs to be different sizes to mix well. For example, if you combine patterns that are all of the same proportions, they will clash.

The fix? Having different scales but complementary colours will help you succeed with this interior design trend.

Hit – Two-Toned Kitchens:

One of the most popular trends of 2017 happens to be two-toned kitchens! We love when the kitchen island is a different colour than the cabinets, or even upper cabinets one colour and lower cabinets another! This trend makes the space more interesting and gives it some personality!

Miss – Open Shelving Kitchens:

Unless you can keep all of your open shelves looking magazine-perfect, then this trend isn’t for you! Sometimes trends that seem incredible in magazines or designer homes, just aren’t practical and don’t fit into our everyday lives.

Hit – Geometric Wallpaper:  

We absolutely love the resurgence of geometric wallpaper! The trend adds a contemporary polished vibe to any room – even a laundry room! In the image below, you will see how the use of traditional furniture gets a contemporary edge from the addition of the geometric wallpaper! The best part of this trend? It’s here to stay for 2018!

Miss – Rose Gold & Pink:

To be clear, it’s not that we don’t like rose gold, it’s just that it has been overdone this past year. The trend surfaced in 2016, and when 2017 came around the corner, it exploded, and we saw it everywhere. We are predicting that 2018 will have a much more exciting use of mixed metals like pewter, antique brass, and stainless steel.

Hit – Velvet:

One of our most favourite trends of 2017? The re-introduction of velvet into home decor! Introducing velvet into your design doesn’t mean you have to choose an entire piece of furniture, you can easily introduce velvet into any space with toss pillows or a blanket. Velvet is a texture trend that helps warm up your area.


What are your favourite trends of 2017? What are some trends you’re happy to keep or trends you’re happy to let go of?

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