Light, Colour, Action 101


These are components that breathe life in our space.

Light can change the way a space looks or feels, as designers when talking about light we use phrases like ‘creating an ambience’, ‘evoking a mood’ etc.

The artificial light industry has come a long way in the recent past. We are now able to easily create a space by controlling the light and providing an enhanced environment. The type of bulbs you use in your lighting fixtures, will make a huge difference in the way it renders the colour within your space.

Colour is crucial for space. Colour, both affects and is affected by, its surroundings. It is also affected by the colour of light that falls on it. The colour palette determines and strengthens your space while creating the desired atmosphere.

Art is used to create focal points and add personality to your space. One of the most basic principles of interior design is that every room needs a focal point. It can be a single design element that will instantly draw the eye into the space or a number of elements that read as one.

Art doesn’t have to be the last piece of the puzzle when you’re decorating a new space. In fact, it shouldn’t be. In our minds, wall art is most important when it comes to interior design. This is because when it’s used properly, your wall hangings can provide an excellent framework around which you should be able to plan the rest of the room. Take the above post as a guide for how to properly select and incorporate wall art into your interiors and you’ll end up with a design that looks like it was professionally put together.

When these three elements are skillfully integrated in your space the results are a well-balanced, smartly articulated and well thought out interiors.

About The Author

Shehla Nasir is an Interior Designer from Vancouver, BC. With a background in Architecture, she brings a wealth of knowledge about bringing together design elements that complement and enhance the space. Trend forecasting is one of Shehla`s many talents.


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