Crazy About Cork – DIY Wine Cork Board

Besides being used to stop our favourite beverage (wine, of course) cork has been named one of the top interior design trends of 2017, showing up in decor trends across the board. This natural material is perfect for feature walls, design elements and quirky accessories. It’s also one of the easiest materials to use for DIY crafts. Follow our easy guide and learn how to create your own pinterest-worthy cork board.

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Step 1: Gather your materials
Whether it’s from your own wine bottles or through other means, you will need A LOT of corks. Many craft stores also carry cork stoppers as well, in case you need to bolster your collection.

Choose your frame. You can opt for a shadow box, or others choose ornate picture frames or even old mirror frames. Use your creativity and choose a frame that suits your space. Paint it whichever colour, texture or pattern you wish beforehand. The amount of corks you’d need would depend on how big the frame is.

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If your corks still smell like wine you can either soak them in water and white vinegar for a couple of hours or you can leave them outside on a sunny day. This should remove the majority of the natural smell.

What else you’ll need:
A ruler
A pencil
A knife to cut the corks IF you choose to cut them lengthwise. It’s optional.
Wood glue or hot glue

Step 2: Prepare your frame and pick your pattern
Prepare your frame by removing the glass and any matte inserts until all that is left is just the backing. Ensure your frame backing will stay on by running a strip of glue around the outside of the backboard and pressing firmly down.

Now, choose how you’d like to arrange your corks. There are many different patterns you can do. We suggest to choose a repetitive pattern. It’ll look good regardless if it’s a simple or complex design.

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Step 3: Do a test run
Lay them all out and see what fits, what needs to be trimmed and solidify your pattern choice. Take photos to help you out along the way and refer back to as you go. Play around with your fits. Maybe you want a cork border around your pattern, maybe you want to change it to a Chevron pattern.

Step 4: Glue!
Now that you have everything laid out how you want it, it’s a simple measure of picking each cork up and glueing it down to the board. Let it dry for 12 hours before hanging and then you’re good to start pinning away. As an optional step, finish with a water-based wood finish to add an extra bit of shine to your board.

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Have you made a wine cork board before? Show us your finished products!

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