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In this blog series, La-Z-Boy of Vancouver designer, Jean Ann focuses on some of the industry’s most popular trends of 2017. Fashion meets function and, whether you’re wearing it or using it in your next interior redesign, here are our top three trends to look out for in 2017.



Every year we have new colours, and it is important when you buy your outfits to buy that much loved accessory to go with it in the same season so that you can get the right tint or tone of the colour. Inspired by nature, these colours are begging for organic flowers of nature prints and patterns. 2017 has started out with strong feminine influences and these colours will become a significant direction for the female movement in 2017.

Primrose Yellow
This is not your average yellow. With an energizing and cheerful air about it, this yellow will bring you balance in your space. It’s the perfect colour choice for active areas like kitchens or living areas.

Pale Dogwood
On the other end of the spectrum, this calm and soothing shade of pink will help usher in peace and tranquility. Soft and warm, it’s the perfect colour to destress and reflect.

2017 is the year of nature-infused tones. Hazelnut will be a wonderful neutral for interiors, it is warm and will complement any colour combination in an interior.

Last on the runway is Pantone Greenery. We’re seeing this both on the runways and in our homes.
Our love of green is good for our holistic interior lifestyles. Bring in organic elements, whether they’re real or fabricated, to incorporate this trend.

Bring the outside in. Plants clean our air and refresh our human psyche. These organic elements will literally help you clear the air in your space.


For those who’s green thumb is better suited to sewing, stay tuned. 2017 has caught jungle fever and the fabrics are alive with giraffes, tigers and birds, oh my! This latest interior design tips is fresh from the runways, with tropical themes taking off across the board for both fashion and interior design.

Spice up your space with Mowgli-inspired fabrics and accessories. They’re eye-catching, fun and very on trend right now. Remember, it’s a jungle out there.


Denim on denim: If Britney Spears and Justin Timerlake can rock it, so can we. Denim is a staple in any wardrobe, and one that designers have taken a particular liking to in their 2017 collections. Here are a couple ways it’s been incorporated this year.

We have the Feminine workwear look, inspired by mixing traditional mechanic suits, carpenter pants and utility coveralls. This look is accentuated with decorative embroidery on leg openings and hemlines.

For men, we’re seeing examples of extreme laundry denim wash – Tie-dye, bleach splatter and 1980’s acid washes are all important key denim assortments, and the 80’s saw nothing like this.

As well there’s an increased interest in surface decoration on denim. Embroidery, designs, patches and badges run rampant. Let your inner artist out and use your denim as a canvas. Many craft stores stock fabric paints.

Any fashion design can be converted to suit an interior space. Designing is uniquely you. So take these trends and make them work for your space, or ask the pros at La-Z-Boy of Vancouver.

About The Author

Jean Ann Marks is the Corporate Training Manager at La-Z-Boy. She recently completed the Bachelor of Leadership and Development Degree at TWU. She has a passion for fashion and interior design so she is happy to have settled into a career where she can meld these two things together.

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