Using Accessories as a Focal Point

Interior Design Tips: Accessories!

Inspiring surroundings directly effect our train of thought. This does not mean that we have to be in a famous, historical building…it simply means that we create a tranquil setting that lets us relax and allows us to stir our creative juices.
Inspiring and open spaces can adapt to changing circumstances and demands. These spaces are flexible and are able to respond to a range of future needs, for example, a change in home dynamic or a renovation. Decor trends in your accessories can make all the difference in re-vamping the look of your space, as the items used and how they’re positioned set the mood of the room.
Using accessories as a focal point is a simple way to draw the eye’s attention to a specific area in the room.

Focal points can be created by grouping together accessories and allowing them to flow as one. The use of bold contrasting, colours is another great way to draw the eye’s attention.

….a single piece of art can create a dynamic focal point inside a room

The accessory/artwork can be a bold statement that blends with the colour palette of the room

…Or be a subtle yet diverse embellishment

A well-designed room will usually have a focal point — it’s often the first thing your eye is drawn to when you enter the space. Choosing the right item to emphasize sets the tone and flow of your space. Whether it’s an architectural feature, a texture, a colour or a light fixture, putting the spotlight on one of these elements will help create a visually appealing interior.



Shayla holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture majoring in Interior, Spatial and Furniture Design. Her comprehensive understanding of design elements combined with her passion to create comfortable, functional, and timeless living spaces enables her to achieve success with her clients.

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