Mad About Mid-Century Interior Design

If you’ve ever watched an episode of the popular hit TV show
Mad Men then you have probably noticed the impact it has had on the interior design world. All of that teak furniture with clean lines, soft tufting and burnt orange colour schemes has us flashing back to the 1960s and angling to change our home and office décor faster than you can say ”Don Draper”.

Mad Men Cast Photo with 1960s Interior Design (Source:

It’s quite amazing how one TV show has influenced us to re-think and dust off those old classics with such fervency. Mid-century interior design, while always loved by die-hard modernists, has not been grooving the mainstream like this for a long time.
So why the phenomenon now? Is it the glamour? The sophisticated offices? The suits and ties? The cocktails?

Maybe. But more likely, it comes down to being at the right place at the right time.

That’s how design trends work;
they hinge on timing. Sometimes, we’re not ready for a new trend, much less for one re-born. They can seem weird or outdated. Remember that mustard yellow chair from your parent’s basement you refused to let into your first apartment because it was too weird? Or your Grandma’s olive green velvet sofa you swore would never set foot in your first home because it was old looking? Chances are, these days you look back on those decisions with slight regret. It’s okay. You’re not alone.

Fashion trends have this fantastic and terrifying ability to flow through our lives in cycles. It goes something like this: it’s quietly introduced, widely adopted and then rejected. Then, it’s brought up as a throwback, adopted by society in a different form and then eventually rejected again. It makes decorating your interiors feel like a long drawn out dramatic on-again, off-again love affair filled with break-ups and make-ups that never end! It can be exhausting.

Yet at Metro Vancouver La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, we’re reminded by period dramas like
Mad Men that
good, strong designs are timeless. These designs can be classic and clean like La-Z-Boy’s Bijou Premier Sofa or Laurel Ottoman. They can be eye-catching and exotic like the Maze Room Divider or Modern Basic Round Cocktail Table. Or they can be slender and sophisticated like the Stiletto Stationary Chair (pictured right). 

It is not surprising mid-century modern interiors keep being brought back. Some of the most influential designers of our time came out of the 60’s. 
Although styles have changed, their influence remains in interior design still.

Even if you are not ready to rush out and buy all the
teak, tweed and chrome you can get your hands on, it is easy to appreciate the simplicity and functionality it has to offer.

Are you mad about mid-century?
We are! Book a free consultation for our in-home design services now and transport your office or home to another time. 

Pictured: La-Z-Boy Bijou Premier Sofa, La-Z-Boy Modern Basics Round Cocktail Table, La-Z-Boy Maze Room Divider, La-Z-Boy Laurel Ottoman

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