The Evolution of the Recliner

It’s hard not to think “recliner” when you hear the word La-Z-Boy. The two seem to be synonymous.

In addition to being one of the most recognized and popular chair styles in home decor, it’s also been the most copied and re-invented. But did you know La-Z-Boy’s beloved lounger was originally designed as a deck chair? It’s true, the chair that has been unable to sit still for decades was initially wood slats and intended for the porch.

Thankfully someone had the bright idea to add some stuffing, upholstery and a fancy lever which brought comfy living into our homes for year-round enjoyment.

Through the years the recliner has rolled with the times and seamlessly altered its look and feel to stay current while keeping its originality intact. But what’s even more remarkable about the recliner’s constant re-vamp is, no matter how much it evolves, it’s still one of the company’s top sellers: definite proof you just can’t keep a good chair down (or its footrest)!

Through the years:

1928 – Designed for “nature’s way of relaxing” it followed the contours of a person’s body both sitting up and leaning back with an innovative reclining mechanism.

1929 – A clever customer suggests the chair be upholstered and the first indoor recliner was made. That same year, through a promotional contest, the name La-Z-Boy was chosen.

1960 – La-Z-Boy completely overhauls the recliner and introduces a rocking and swinging mechanism which earns it the title “miracle of chairs”

1970 – The recliner experiences another facelift with a sleeker more stylized version called the “Reclina-Way” and goes electric.

1990 – Comfort levels hit a “lazy” high with the addition of heated massagers, swivel features, power touch motors, built in electric coolers, cup holders and built-in phone with caller ID.

2000 – To meet the demands of smaller more modern living spaces, the recliner comes full circle and back to a simpler version.

What a swinging past the recliner has! Which is your favourite?

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