A Winner. A Story. A Nostalgic Chair

La-Z-Boy’s Father’s Day Content & Pat Tierney’s Nostalgic Chair

After forty-five years in his old recliner, Pat Tierney was ready for a new one. That’s why his daughter, Mari-ann, was brimming with hope as she entered the Father’s Day Contest at La-Z-Boy of Vancouver to replace the nostalgic chair.

When she won, she was thrilled. Mari-ann brought her dad into the Vancouver showroom and introduced him to his beautiful new chair. As he sat down and leaned back into his gorgeous recliner, he was obviously overjoyed with the gift.

In front of the camera at La-Z-Boy, the two of them took some time to reminisce about some of the battle wounds on the old “sad” chair – the gaping holes, the missing buttons and the added bolts to hold it all together. Mari-ann even recalled memories of her as a three-year-old torturing the chair with a crochet needle! Needless to say, the two of them happily agreed that it was time to move on from old Frankenstein.

“It took me forty-five years to replace that chair,” said Mari-ann with a smile, “but finally I’ve come around.”

For Mari-ann, it was a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. After their visit to La-Z-Boy, she said, “Had an absolutely brilliant day today, spent it with my dad. He’s over the moon! Thank you, La-Z-Boy!”


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